Solar Installation

Solar Experts Direct takes pride in its professional, straight-forward solar installation experience. We use only trained solar power installers, supervised by licensed electricians.
Solar Energy Installation works like this:solar24
  • Your roof dimensions are verified and the outline of the panels is marked on the roof.
  • Roof tiles are marked where the structural attachments (feet) will be placed to support the rack, and then the tiles are removed.
  • The feet are installed below the tile and sealed to be watertight.
  • Racking is attached to the feet.
  • Solar panels are loaded onto the racking.
  • An inverter is mounted on the wall located near the main electrical panel.
  • Conduit is run both to the main electrical panel and to the rooftop.
  • Wire is run within the conduit to connect the inverter to the main electrical panel. The main circuit breaker is installed.
  • Wire is run from the inverter to the rooftop where it is connected with the solar panels in a junction box.
  • System voltages are checked to make sure they are within tolerance. The system is switched on and tested.
  • The solar panel system is ready to produce solar power!

Solar Experts Certified contractor with the state of California