Rebates & Grants

To encourage the production of renewable energy, generous state and federal rebates, tax credits and other incentives are available to homeowners who choose solar power for homes. These programs allow you to save more than 30% of the cost of the system. These incentives won’t last, of course, but you can take full advantage of them when you go solar today.

De-mystifying incentives
When you choose to go solar with Solar Experts, we do all of the work for you!  We handle all of the paperwork to apply for any available California solar incentives.  When you choose a solar lease,  qualifying incentives are included in your lease pricing to offer you a more affordable lease price!  Schedule your free in-home analysis today for more information on the solar incentives available to you.
State rebates
Rebates are cash payments available to help offset the cost of going solar.  The California Solar Initiative solar rebates are designed to decline over time, as more homeowners choose solar; therefore, the sooner you get your rebate reserved, the lower the cost to you of making your home a solar home.
Tax credits/grants
Tax credits or grants are available from the federal government for qualifying solar power installations—and amount to as much as 30% of the cost of the system.